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Layout from "brand creation" to "traditional media"From the Internet to the "Internet +" new business ecology

Twenty years, no matter what stage, which communication environment, Charm has been with excellent resources integration capabilities, the creative ability of creative planning,Out of the color of the integrated service capabilities, creating a list of numerous classic cases.


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To the brand as the core, integration of the whole field of media resources, to create one-stop integrated marketing services.
  • Business annotation

    The brand of the main demands of information integration of the media and get through, clear the media between the tasks and objectives, through the mutual relay between the media, and ultimately achieve 1 + 1 greater than 2 results.

  • Core Advantages

    Brand thinking logic and ability to make the purpose of communication more clear, not only the purpose of the market to achieve, more brand value accumulation.

Five business segments: leading communication advantages to achieve integrated marketing
  • Full media one stop Integrated marketing services

    solve the different periods of customers, different areas of the core communication problems.

  • Internet integration
    Marketing services

    To strategic thinking combined with product technology as the core of the Internet communication

  • Precision marketing pan optimization
    Of the advocates

    to provide the most professional and secure search marketing overall solution.
  • Expert sports
    Marketing services

    to provide enterprises with full media, multi-event sports integrated marketing services.

  • Build customization
    Entertainment communication ecology

  • to provide customers with maximum marketing communication effect of entertainment marketing services.

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