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Layout from "brand creation" to "traditional media"From the Internet to the "Internet +" new business ecology

Twenty years, no matter what stage, which communication environment, Charm has been with excellent resources integration capabilities, the creative ability of creative planning,Out of the color of the integrated service capabilities, creating a list of numerous classic cases.


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Brand centered, All media integrated, one-stop services.
  • Business concept

    Connect all media channels to fulfill advertisers`objectives.Create better synergy by setting a clear role of each medium and fully incorporating multiple channels.

  • Core Advantages

    Strong at logical thinking from advertisers` perspective to :Clarify communication objectives Achieve business goals Accumulate brand values.

Five business units: leading communication advantages to achieve integrated marketing
  • Full media one stop Integrated marketing services

    Expert in creative planning and full media resource integration.Devoted to solve communication problem brands may encounters in different stages

  • Integrated Internet
    Marketing services

    Fullinternet communication services rooted in strategic thinking plus product and technology

  •         advocate for precise marketing                                                                          

    Rich experience in working with international enterprises.Eqiupped with proprietary integrated marketing platform.
  • Expert sports
    Marketing services

    leverage leading deployment and operation in top sport events and agent.provide full media and multi-event integrated markting services.

  • Build customization
    Entertainment communication ecosystem

    Partner with CMC and top IPs.connect with quality media.deliver maximized entertainment communication results.

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