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Precise marketing services based on data analysis

Our ability

Senior industry research

Professional data analysis

Leading digital integrated marketing strategy

Accurate media communication services

Product quality of the brand communication services
Accurate Population Positioning Services - Consumer Behavior Insight / Consumer Behavior Tracking and Delivery Technology Population Portraits and Validation Techniques
IP resource integration services
Accurate Integration Delivery Services - Video, Vertical Website, OTT, Information Flow, ATD + DSP, etc.

Precise marketing techniques based on consumer search and browsing behavior

Customer relationship and word of mouth management

Evaluation of technical services


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Platform technology advantages + professional insight added value

Delivery management

Charm ATD is a data and system-driven programming marketing and operating platform, is the first professional ATD platform.

Data management

Charm DMP is through the different types of user data collection, integration and mining the formation of user insight into the data management platform

ATDCharm ATD platform advantages

Real-time bidding algorithm

PMP private purchase / PDB crowd preferred

The whole network of high quality resources

Real-time automation / visualization data reporting

Anti-machine traffic cheating

Brand Safety Assurance

Charm DMP platform advantages

High-quality third-party data cooperation and BAT strategic cooperation

Open up different channels and promote the platform, a unified measure and assessment

Accumulate brand first-party data assets, fine management, and effective re-application

Professional insight

For the brand side of the loyal users of the rich insight, the potential group of people continue to tap, repeat customers to drain, sleep users to activate the application of years of media experience, media comprehensive value assessment, put the results of comparative analysis, interactive value of objective measurement

Vertical industry status analysis, user behavior insight, market forecasting guidance

APP, website site behavior monitoring / trajectory analysis

Professional technical support / operational optimization / strategy development

Winning case and co-client
Charm ATD has obtained the National Copyright Administration computer software copyright registration certificate
Won the 2016 gold mouse "best digital marketing system of the year" award2016
And won the eighth gold network award 2016 annual network marketing outstanding products and tools Award
Multidimensional Data Targeting Target Audience PDB Delivery Preferred Target Population DMP

2016 Annual TopDigital
Pi Tai - activation data won the TopDigital Bronze Award

Charm procedural first-line video media to buy a variety of directional way accurate target audience

The Seventh Tigers Award in 2015 - 2016
Cat Eagle won the Tigers Award - Integrated Marketing Award Excellence Award

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