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Precise marketing services based on data analysis

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Senior industry research

Professional data analysis

Leading digital integrated marketing strategy

Accurate media communication services

Product quality of the brand communication services
Accurate Population Positioning Services - Consumer Behavior Insight / Consumer Behavior Tracking and Delivery Technology Population Portraits and Validation Techniques
IP resource integration services
Accurate Integration Delivery Services - Video, Vertical Website, OTT, Information Flow, ATD + DSP, etc.

Precise marketing techniques based on consumer search and browsing behavior

Customer relationship and word of mouth management

Evaluation of technical services


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Incorporate quality industry data and establish leading big data marketing platform.provide complete and transparent data management and marketing services across insight,strategy,creative,execution and results evaluation.

Service: Data marketing model

Provide scientific data management to maximize marketing and communication results

  • CCTV prime resource bidding

  • charm CCTV strategy model

  • charm PSTV strategy model

  • charm content marketing service system

  • video marketing evalustion model

  • sports marketing model

  • data marketing platform

  • intellgent service plaeform

  • ATD data managenment platform

  • social media marketing platform

  • .....

Customized service model to provide tailor-made communication solutions

consumer portrait and behavior study

innovative development of media tools

moment-based media resource evaluation and optimization

creative and communication integration

full strategic service management

all screen content marketing evaluation and management

client data mining and SCRM service

Content marketing real - time data analysis platform

Professional service platform development


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