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Senior industry research

Professional data analysis

Leading digital integrated marketing strategy

Accurate media communication services

Product quality of the brand communication services
Accurate Population Positioning Services - Consumer Behavior Insight / Consumer Behavior Tracking and Delivery Technology Population Portraits and Validation Techniques
IP resource integration services
Accurate Integration Delivery Services - Video, Vertical Website, OTT, Information Flow, ATD + DSP, etc.

Precise marketing techniques based on consumer search and browsing behavior

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Data-based digital industry-wide marketing
Focus on digital marketing for many years, multi-industry digital marketing has a deep understanding of familiar with large data precision marketing applications, with multi-industry senior service team, the depth of building cars, home appliances, finance and other industries digital marketing closed loop. For the manufacturers to provide, including digital strategy planning, creative production, media agency, search marketing, programmatic purchase, Internet public relations, social marketing, public opinion monitoring, electricity business platform, such as professional digital precision integrated marketing services.

Charm DMP platform advantages

Depth cooperation in various sectors of the outstanding data providers, intelligent processing of effective data,

Professional ATD system support

Docking industry TOP20 program implementation of the parties, the integration of a number of value data side, to create the most professional program .

Large data accurate marketing planning

Has many years of digital senior service team, based on large data based on the authority of consumer insight, .

Full media marketing ecology

Years of media cooperation base, with Baidu five-star search engine services, is a number of portal video media strategic partners for manufacturers

Authoritative data monitoring

Docking industry authority monitoring agency Admaster, second hand, to ensure strict professional monitoring effect.

The whole process of public opinion

Public opinion data update timely feedback, real-time monitoring industry-wide public opinion, the formation of consumer behavior
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