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Accurate Population Positioning Services - Consumer Behavior Insight / Consumer Behavior Tracking and Delivery Technology Population Portraits and Validation Techniques
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Marketing Leader in video content IP integrated marketing
leverage "5-dimensional system" to answer :what kind of resources ,how to source opportunities,how to immerse brand ,how to amplify in communication and how to measure success.
Amplifying ip value and brand benefits with one stop brand marketing service
brand needs what is right, rather than what is hot. on top of that, charm is committed to creating an integrated communication circle around content creation,moments association,concept immersion,celebrity usage,O2O and social hype up.
Video marketing case

Vigorous communication for a younger cherry

Chery Arrizo topped hot topic among post 90s by a smart video marketing with 《约吧大明星》 Dating with superstar. creative brand menting, ambassador bonding and content extension out of programs generated double or even triple sponsorship value and greatly uplifted brand preference.program viewership-760million,260million more than estimate wechat content push readership-40%over 100k weibo topic readership-40million weibo like -300 times more than regular push we successfully made:
  • interest-maximiz exposure maximization

  • Content - content implantation, natural exposure

  • Conversion - Baidu interception, appointment test drive


Whirlpool+go fighting acheves a seamless fit and maximized exposure

we helped Whirlpool sponsor a top-rating TV variety show go fighting S2 on its exclusive online video platform Youku and successfully achieved huge exposure from this popular show. what`s more,we smartly fit prducts high-tech features into the program content and tonality for a perfect match.
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