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Video IP Integrated Marketing Leader
As the core of todayundefineds Internet, Charm video legislation of the customer to "IP content integration leader" as the core, with "multi-dimensional five-operation system" for the advertisers to solve "what" "how to choose" "How to combine" "how to spread" "how effective" and a series of questions.
Extended ip value to enlarge customer rights one-stop brand marketing services
The advertiser does not have the most fire IP only the most on the IP, but Charm video emphasizes not only on the IP, but around the IP for content creation, scene interpretation, the idea of communication, star superposition, line Under the linkage, the whole network detonated, social fermentation; intended for advertisers to create its exclusive IP closed loop, really advertisers where the industryundefineds "leader."
Video marketing case

The younger way of transmission, Chery brand new assets, one step long

Chery Erezawa 5, since the birth of the Chery brand should bear the heavy responsibility. Choose to join the network "about big star" and to help a large number of social communication, became a hot topic after 90 young people. Chery Erez 5 in the brand on the road to play a new height. Column fancy crazy mouth, the spokesman for the depth of implantation, the column outside the deep integration, the three strong association, so that "designated" identity to play "title" effect. The official double micro content creation, the section of the heat brought to a new situation, the program broadcasts to 760 million times, exceeding the expected 260 million times; WeChat reading 40% to 10 million +; microblogging topic # about it Irisze 5 # The total reading volume reached 40.445 million, microblogging praise for the daily 300 times! Through the big star fans effect, the fans of the starundefineds favorite into the Chery Iris brand of goodwill. The fans will play through the economy, playing on the sky.
  • Equity  - brand exposure maximization

  • Content - content implantation, natural exposure

  • Conversion - Baidu interception, appointment test drive


Brand exposure maximization, Whirlpool brand limit challenge new experience

2016 is Whirlpool China into the Whirlpool global R & D system after the first year of power products. Whirlpool full use of nowadays the most popular hot IP marketing game, the network exclusive strategic cooperation large-scale inspirational experience reality show "limit challenge 2", in one fell swoop won the evening at the same time the national ratings first, Whirlpool as a network of independent network Exclusive strategic partner, launched in the first phase of the program, that is, access to high exposure, high hit. Whirlpool choose and "Limit Challenge 2" cooperation, not only because of its high ratings, to ensure that Whirlpool products and brand exposure, but also in the column itself style and Whirlpool brand and product of the natural fit, the first episode of the " Wang Xing peopleundefineds sixth sense "and" Whirlpool intelligence 6 sense of science and technology "coincide. Whirlpool launched a light washing machine and capsule cabinets and other new products, the pursuit of "extreme, high-end, shock, smart" product style, and the program six male gods to challenge the character of a high degree of consistency, especially light ultra-intelligent drum washing machine "across the peak Wisdom of the "characteristics of the program and the" challenge limit "consistent style super match.
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