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China undefineds sports market - oriented advocates and forerunners

Changrong Sports is the exclusive business partner of the Spanish league in China,a strategic partner in the league, and with the national sports management agencies,

Domestic and foreign sports organizations to establish a number of long - term cooperative partnership.For different customer needs for enterprises to customize professional sports marketing attributes,Providing full media, a number of events such as integrated sports marketing solutions.


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Sports marketing core business
  • 中国国家排球队独家商务合作伙伴


  • 中国足球甲级联赛战略合作伙伴


  • 西班牙足球联盟中国独家商务合作伙伴


  • 冬季运动管理中心战略合作伙伴


  • 大学生、中学生体育协会官方合作伙伴


Sports marketing success stories
  • Chinese womenundefineds volleyball team: Chinese womenundefineds volleyball official partner - high exposure value

    With the Chinese womenundefineds volleyball, the Chinese V3 in the national media CCTV-5 exposure time of more than 500 minutes, about 2000 15 seconds prime time hard time, exposure value of more than 400 million!

    Womenundefineds volleyball World Cup period, a large number of official microblogging news forward, the cumulative exposure value of more than 15 million!

    After winning, the "news network" report with customer-related activities for up to 2 minutes;

    With the Chinese womenundefineds volleyball team to win the occasion, the Chinese car held a press conference announced that the 50 colleges and universities into the 2015 undefinedChina V3 is youthundefined campaign officially launched.

  • Huawei: La Liga global partners - the international market brand expansion

    To help the brand and nearly eight of the worldundefineds top clubs for daily maintenance and promotion, to help the brand with Europeundefineds top football resources to successfully enter the international (European) market;

    In the various club officials micro-publicity forwarding volume accumulated over 10 million;

    Planning a number of sponsor activation of public relations activities, such as Huawei Global Pollen La Liga, Atletico China and other activities, thanks to loyal Huawei fans, while covering nearly 10 million pollen around the world, and enhance the image of international brand reputation and also expand The brand in the domestic visibility and brand high-end image.

  • 58 City: 2015-2019 season in a league title sponsor - fully open the domestic market58

    With the national league graft, the use of a league 16 clubs quickly occupied the countryundefineds 13 key cities, direct dialogue 2,3 line market audience, close to brand marketing strategy;

    Using the media broadcast strategy of 1 + 1 + 3 + N (CCTV, TV, 3 new media channels and 12 local media) to reach the national market; "help the development of Chinese football career" will be Sports marketing into the 58 city culture among the city.

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