Bring together wonderful cases, integrate industry knowledge,

Professional market insight into the brand leadership position.

Charm Communication adhering to the "customer service heart, never-ending" service concept, in the face of rapidly changing, increasingly complex market environment and more and more diverse customer needs, Charm Communication courage to challenge themselves, to bring customers beyond the service Quality and eclectic innovation experience, and Charm Communication renundefineds experience, wisdom, ability to precipitate as Charm think tank platform, become Changundefineds knowledge treasure, continue to be inherited, innovation and breakthrough.

Charm think tank is divided into: case area, media resources, Charm report, market and media research and other plate content, brought together from Changrong main business team wonderful case and Charm College industry expertise and other content, and the core Media research, market and consumer research, professional research tools and other channels, the full display of Charm market and media research team in the industryundefineds leading position and professional marketing tool research and development capabilities, all-round embodies Charm in the integration of innovative marketing Field of professional wisdom, deep insight, dissemination of innovation, data research and development capabilities.

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