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First:Propaganda movement planning implementation background

TripAdvisor as the worldundefineds largest travel site and travel community, attracts nearly 340 million independent visitors each month, bringing together more than 200 million real travelers from around the world, covering 4.5 million hotels, restaurants and attractions in more than 190 countries.April 2011 TripAdvisor China official website "to the network" officially launched, but we found in China using TripAdvisor and favorite TripAdvisor people have not heard of "to the net".

In order to more close to TripAdvisorundefineds global brand identity, but also more convenient for Chinese users to identify and awareness, May 27, 2015, TripAdvisor officially released its new Chinese name "cat eagle", while introducing a new version of the Chinese mobile phone applications, Chinese The site is also updated. The new Chinese name "Cat Way Eagle" and the opening of the brand logo will help the global Chinese users to find their attribution in TripAdvisor, but also to facilitate the Chinese local users to find a new version of the Chinese website and mobile applications, and ultimately for the global Chinese new Users to create a ground and international tourism sharing community.

Second:Creative core

TripAdvisor renamed, in order to better distinguish between competitors, highlighting the true comments and suggestions of their global travelers and the wisdom of the proposed vision, as well as across the border travel and cultural exchanges inspired by the international perspective, put forward a new brand proposition "Look at the world from different perspectives". The brand name of the spread of the theme and dissemination of ideas around the new brand advocates to start

Pre-transmission,Use accurate search media, lock the known brand users to change the name of the notice, so that the new brand name first in the core target audience to open the visibility;

Spread in the medium term,Enabling accurate video patch products, locked out of the crowd concerned with outbound travel, to pay more attention to outbound travel advertising version of differentiated marketing, while optimizing the delivery of the crowd to enhance the click rate; fine operation, sub-groups put different interest activities floor page, more Effectively improve order conversion rate.

Spread later,For the Spring Festival outbound travel group ahead of the layout of the promotion, WeChat friends circle and spread to promote the APP download and enhance software activity; programmatic purchase of resources to new promotions TVC precise positioning target population, improve site traffic and order conversion rate.

Third:Marketing communication movement target

Based on TripAdvisorundefineds content advantage, we hope to help Chinese travelers better plan outbound journeys in the Chinese market, thus creating a difference from their competitors. So, how to expand the brand name after the brand to identify the new brand to enhance visibility? How can I bring more traffic to my site? In the face of the spread of competitors bombing, how to highlight the brand advantage and differentiation as the main purpose of the spread, is also the biggest challenge facing the spread.

Fourth;Communication strategy and implementation

Propagation phase 1:May 2009 - July 2015, mainly for the existing users to promote brand name change to spread, focusing on the use of accurate search media, has been known or used to "cat eagle" and "to the network" to rename the user inform.

(1)Baidu brand area


Propagation phase2:August 2015 - December 2015, select the precise video patch resources, put love odd art "a search map" and excellent soil "Venus" products, in the dissemination of brand advocates at the same time pay more attention to the target population Take, through the differentiated advertising content to enhance the follow-up conversion retained. Partial delivery takes the form of interactive patches, which attracts user attention and improves clickthrough rate

Propagation phase3:December 2015, for the end of the year, the winter travel out of the crowd to promote publicity

(1)WeChat friends circle advertising: 27, 31 lock accurate audience to "love travel", "free exercise", "authentic restaurant" for the content to promote brand promotion and promotion, while pulling APP mobile application software download, to further enhance the user sticky And usage.


(2)Programmatic purchase of the project (video DSP): December 23, 2015 - January 2, 2016, through the program in all video sites targeted "crowd tag", "travel channel", "telecommunications data" to find the travel needs of the crowd And potential users, from the effect of unity, enhance brand awareness, click-through rate, arrival rate, the next single conversion rate


Fifth: the effect description (third-party data description).


1、Baidu brand area / Sogou input method: the old and new brands of different points to the user to show the product to the new users to show the characteristics of the service, the old user to explain the reasons for the upgrade, as well as new services to enhance and recall the old customers.

2、 Love odd art "a search map": to nearly 30 days through Baidu search for keywords specified keywords, exposing advertising, as a combination of product promotion. Brand: the tourism-related users to display the brand, to promote product value; effect direction, to visit the site users, love art ads and precision to run almost exactly the ROI, mobile side CTR 4.8%, PC 0.6%.

3、 Unite "Venus": based on Ali large data, to the existing tourism and other groups of standard groups of targeted TVC TVC, mobile side CTR of 2.3%, PC side CTR of 0.5%.

4、 Friends circle: positioning set the tourist crowd can receive advertising, delivery process received good feedback, interactive rate higher than similar advertising 10%. Sampling comments show that this ad has inspired the desire of netizens to go out now.

5、 Programmatic purchase: put 9 days, through the 3-day test period to adjust the delivery strategy and the proportion of the media, the whole network video media total PV12,231,541, the total traffic 78,461, CTR0.64%, CPC cost more than a separate video media precision class Product has declined.

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