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First, the spread of sports planning implementation background

Chinese beverage stage has gone through the carbonated drinks, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and other opera play the main change. In recent years, with the awakening of consumer health awareness, plant protein drinks usher in a new opportunity for development, similar to the expected is written into the China Beverage Industry Association in the second Five-Year Plan. However, the beverage market due to years of competition, has entered the era of consumer demand-led. Lulu shares to capture market trends take the initiative to change, adjust the product strategy and brand strategy. The second half of 2013, Lulu nut walnut market, so that the company a new interest growth point. Nuts walnut San Ren one of the special process and taste, making the Lulu brand successfully break the geographical restrictions, and become young and mental workers of the new darling.

In order to expand the visibility and awareness of Luluundefineds nutted walnut plant protein beverage, it is necessary to rapidly form a focusing effect with large IP content, so that it can quickly escape from many protein drinks. Chang Rong used the original IP compass entertainment marketing system to screen out the most suitable IP content "Chinese character dictation conference", combined with product characteristics and program attributes, put forward the "three-in-one, wisdom is essential" communication theme and "content-driven , Product marketing unity, "the dissemination of strategic thinking.

Second, creative core

Lulu nut walnut spread theme "to stimulate intelligence, drink nuts walnut", cooperation in the slogan "wisdom will be" will be products and programs strongly linked. "Ren" refers to the nuts, but also benevolence, benevolence and love. Parents in the education of children to encourage and care, the child is likely to have better performance in learning and life. Nuts to stimulate intelligence, love to activate the potential, "benevolence" is because, "wisdom" is fruit. This is also full of cold puzzle to add a little bit of emotional temperature, so that Lulu nut walnut and competing products to form a clear distinction in the spread of public interest also have a larger play space. Our activities are also around these two aspects to start.

In the communication plan, the "Chinese character dictation conference" as the core, the content extension link more scenes, in the scene naturally into the product value. Preheating period to "benevolence" for the dissemination of the main purpose, playing online line, linkage marketing. Online launch H5 recruitment and "no stupid kid" public theme micro-film, social topics strengthen the rally; line in the crowd gathered in the business district with online recruitment activities to enhance the sense of experience, to expand the influence.

With the "wisdom" as the main thrust, combined with the program and product features, the introduction of multi-screen interaction, combined with "Han listen" program features, the development of two text H5 games - "Chinese characters maze" and "fast fight Chinese characters." Is based on the combination of Chinese and Chinese characters to deepen the understanding of product attributes, through the playability of the game content and consumers to reach the depth of interaction, and the use of close pumping mechanism to keep consumers sticky, sustained attention.

On the network launched the "recruitment of nuts walnut undefinedexposedundefined clan" activities (that is, 100 people experience group Lulu nut walnut team), aims to be more without the opportunity to board the "Chinese character dictation contest" contest young people with The students on the arena are competing for the opportunity. Through the recruitment of selected "Lulu nut walnut undefinedexposedundefined clan undefinedmembers to join the hundred people experience group, to participate in program recording. This new experience and challenge, so that they are more confident, more positive and healthy growth. At the same time called on the public concerned about the growth of young people around, give them more encouragement and trust.

Third, the purpose of marketing communication movement

Lulu nut walnut through the "Chinese character dictation conference" integrated marketing communication, the depth of bundled content, and content links to multiple scenes, in the minds of consumers and the formation of "benevolence, intelligence" related to the extreme recognition, to enhance the audience on the walnut Product "to stimulate intelligence" awareness.

Fourth, communication strategies and implementation

In the new media environment, Lulu nut walnut established a "microblogging + micro letter" as the core of the media positions, supplemented by public relations manuscripts spread, to create an integrated network communication effect. Network 2.0-style communication work, closer to the Lulu nut walnut, the Chinese listen to the General Assembly, the audience between the three, for the brand marketing work has achieved unexpected results.

Lulu nut walnut around the media from the development of a detailed microblogging marketing strategy, so that microblogging in the entire communication system plays an irreplaceable role. The whole microblogging planning implementation is divided into two directions, one is based on the actual program broadcast situation, looking for the relevant dissemination of the topic point; the second is based on the contents of the Chinese people to listen to the relevant creative interaction, to attract the audience to participate. These two have a strong timeliness, topic, interactive direction, has achieved great success.

In order to combine the broadcast of the program microblogging spread, for example, Lulu nut walnut official microblogging in each episode broadcast, launched # # in the body # poster spread. Poster in the form of comics, tells the story of the popular diction in the show, cute comic image to deepen the fans of the memory of Chinese characters, and enhance the fans and official micro interaction.

In the WeChat marketing, nuts walnut dew is passed for the industry classic case. Previously, Luluundefineds WeChat marketing is still a virgin land. Through this cooperation, has launched the "big turntable", "scratch card", "King of Chinese characters" and other prizes WeChat game, for Lulu WeChat public account accumulation fans. These WeChat game after the rapid spread of friends circle, triggered a large number of forward participation in just 10 days time, light "big turntable" game triggered more than 60 million participation, and the accumulation of more than 10,000 WeChat concern the amount. WeChat public account construction, for the follow-up of the long tail and brand building, opened up a new world, as nuts walnut important brand equity.

In addition to the spread of new media, the traditional public relations in the Lulu nut walnut network marketing still occupy a pivotal position. Weekly dissemination of content focus to seize the results of the event, the game highlights, the performance of the strength of the players, to portal news, forum BBS manuscripts, SNS manuscripts, WIKI and so on a large number of spread. In just three or four months time, Lulu nut walnut use of multi-media resources, in the form of carpet-style spread, published more than a thousand articles, and triggered a large number of reproduced in the mainstream media platform firm The At present, the "Lulu nut walnut" Baidu index has soared, in Baidu direct search "Chinese characters to listen to the General Assembly" and "Lulu shares" keywords, the latest news will be exposed, greatly enhance the brand exposure.

Five, the effect description

Lulu nut walnut is focused on the scene, making the marketing communication value maximization, but also need to dig deep quality of the content of the spread of the opportunity to create a direct hit consumption of painful creative content, highlight the brand personality; use large data to build a comprehensive target population, Integration of digital media, to achieve accurate delivery, are more conducive to customers to enhance the spread of the conversion effect. And these are what Changrong is doing, whether it is integrated communication planning capabilities, content marketing service capabilities, buying negotiation skills, or scientific media investment research capabilities.

In view of the good growth prospects of the vegetable protein market, a number of investment analysis institutions on Chengde Lulu hold bullish attitude, in particular, appreciation of the nutrient walnut product adjustment strategy. The report said: Lulu brand almond dew product positioning deeply rooted in the market segments to maintain market share of more than 90%, 20 years to stabilize the market leading position, the future will continue to maintain steady growth. Lulu shares in the second half of last year to force nuts walnut dew, to enhance the taste at the same time, also reduce costs, improve gross margin, rapid sales momentum, a strong breakthrough in the limitations of almond. Is expected to contribute a greater profit.

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