First, the spread of sports planning implementation background

Any market products are always in the enterprise competition has been optimized, color TV manufacturing industry is the same, but with the intensification of competition, the trend of product homogeneity is becoming increasingly evident. Internet companies to start the hardware "free" and other offensive cross-border into the color TV market, to the traditional color TV business has brought a certain impact, bad luck "sound" sound endless. This year the Internet staged the torn war from the model to the ecological debate endlessly, the final Sike content to show the technology as the core of the experience was abandoned in the corner. In the noisy battle, Skyworth chose to create a sincere heart for the consumer products.

The face of the market continues to decline, Skyworth hope that through the high-end products 整机 market breakthrough. Based on the pursuit of product excellence. August 25, Chinaundefineds leading color TV leader Skyworth, a leading entertainment technology provider Dolby Laboratories, released in Beijing with Dolby VisionTM technology products Skyworth OLED organic TV. OLED display technology with self-luminous characteristics, Skyworth OLED organic TV with 4-color 4K self-luminous body as the display core. With the ultimate black field performance, infinite contrast, non-toxic full color gamut, 0.001ms response speed, very wide bright angle and other advantages. To consumers a profound interpretation of a new generation of "good TV" content experience standards - return to people on the needs of the TV, that is, continuous display technology innovation, to create a substantial increase in the visual experience.

So, in the case of low-end products in the case of price war, how to find the best interests of the product and a wide range of in-depth dissemination of the consumer to accept the high premium products become the main issue of the spread.


Second, creative core

Skyworth OLED organic TV integrated marketing communication, in different communication context using different forms of media, for different target audience to disseminate different content, the main communication creative core has the following:


1, hunger marketing (August 15, 2015 - August 25):

In early August, Skyworth OLED organic TV S9300 in the portal, social media, mobile Internet and other media to start preheating publicity. August 25, Skyworth held in Beijing, "fantastic - beyond the LCD era conference":


1). The conference will take the online sync video live (Sohu Live Room).

2). After the conference, the product light APP immediately in the social media WeChat platform for the spread, so seamless convergence; at the same time in the Skyworth official store to open the spot sale. August 26 - 28 days for three consecutive online pre - sale, 500 per day, three days were sold out of 1500 units, in short supply.

2, word of mouth marketing (August 25, 2015 - December 31, 2015):

Skyworth OLED organic TV word of mouth marketing mainly around the product from the light for the selling point for speculation.

1). CCTV "the first time" column special report of the 4K OLED China starting; domestic Internet geeks first organization "Geek Park" expert group on this issue of products for special reports.

2) by the Ministry of Industry under the electronic video industry associations, the establishment of OLED industry development alliance.

3). Organization of government, business, learn three co-sponsored "open the door of the future - OLED product experience will be", while Skyworth 4K OLED global debut. At the same time start microblogging V and other opinion leaders on the Internet for topic speculation, through the virus video, professional organization evaluation, H5 pages and other ways to communicate with the target consumer groups in depth.


3, holiday marketing (January-March 2016):

Before and after the Spring Festival, in addition to the north, on, wide, deep and other first-tier cities, Skyworth TV headquarters linkage provinces and municipalities branch offices in the airport, high-speed rail, railway stations and other major transport hub center outdoor advertising, in the consumerundefineds way home to intercept attention, At the same time play a prompt to buy the role.

4, linkage marketing (August 2015 - March 2016):

Headquarters unified management of the provincial and municipal branches of marketing content, the formation of linkage. In the country to carry out soft paper movement warfare, covering the provinces of the print media and online media.

5, experience marketing (Geek Park Innovation Conference in January 2016):

1). Skyworth with the latest generation of display technology OLED organic TV debut geek Park Innovation Conference, in the main forum of the main exhibition area set up a large exhibition hall for gurus to experience the latest OLED display technology.


2) through the invitation of the photography industry celebrity Qian Yuankai teacher and photography association to experience the ultimate picture quality OLED, the use of cross - border experts for OLED quality appreciation.

Third, the purpose of marketing communication movement

In the liquid crystal display technology stagnation, the Internet brand "cross-border" to join the background, the major color TV enterprises in the display technology to seek a breakthrough, OLED market has become the focus of the layout of the enterprise. Skyworth will spread the theme of positioning as "fantastic Beyond the LCD era", through the integration of marketing communication to guide consumers to identify TV products in the future display technology core must be the development trend of OLED, build a sense of technology products, thus forming a product premium.

Now, with the information explosion and fragmentation increasingly serious, relying on a single way has been unable to solve the fundamental problem of communication, integration of online and offline resources with the marketing theme of publicity, integration of the national branch resources linkage, in the key time to grasp the rhythm of the rhythm Posted scene marketing is the focus of the spread of the problem. The marketing activities through a reasonable plan to spread the layout, so as to complete the efficient use of resources to achieve the depth of communication with the user groups, retain the deep impression of the product, understand the product function points, and thus guide the purchase of the target.

Fourth, the effect description (third-party data description)

First, through the Skyworth OLED organic TV integrated marketing communication, a great promotion of a new TV category and technology landing, through nearly six months of promotion, the OLED TV Baidu index increased from an average of 200 points to 445 points;


Second, through the promotion of "OLED Industry Development Alliance" was established, the political, academic, business three circles were combined to speed up the OLED industry in the industryundefineds awareness;

Third, through a series of cross-border cooperation, the application of OLED into the photography, film and television, academic and other industries, the use of the views of the leaders of the OLED appreciation, increase the reputation of Skyworth OLED;

Fourth, through the promotion of OLED organic TV to promote, to promote Skyworth as the representative of the Chinese enterprises in the high-end market, the rapid rise, and Samsung, LG, SONY and other international brands to compete, Hunan Satellite TV famous host Wang Han also preferred Skyworth;

Fifth, through the successful promotion of OLED organic TV, selected "shocked the Chinese nine manufacturing" excellent case of Chinese home appliances for the Chinese manufacturing to internationalization launched a catalytic role.

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